miércoles, 23 de julio de 2014


Daylight came at 4,30h, when we were somewhere in Germany, with a pink sunrise that made me stick my face to the car window for hours. We had been travelling since around 22h and the kids where completely asleep under their covers, just as if they were in their own beds. By then we had stopped two times and we had driven through the amazing Hamburg's harbour. In the middle of a very dark night, the thousand lights of the port had me thinking that we had travelled not only in space, but in time. It felt just like looking at the future.

When we crossed the border and entered Denmark, my tea was getting cold as my eyes were getting heavy, so I finally decided not to fight it anymore, put my legs on the car's door and moved in my seat until I could find a not-so-uncomfortable position. Then I don't remember anything else.

P woke me up gently and pointed to the window: “The bridge”. With great effort, I half-opened my eyes and looked out -everything was so blue. We were crossing the sea to the island where we are going to live for the next month. See and sky where surrounding us in a day so bright that woke me up completely within seconds. The wide range of blues outside was only broken by a few little white boats that sailed peacefully in the surprisingly calmed sea.

This place has something special, that lingers under its very-normal appearance, that makes you feel at home as soon as you arrive. The green, the blue, and the yellow waves of grain hills that move softly along with the wind make me feel in peace. The silence and -as a part of it- the sound of the water, the leaves moving with the breeze and my steps on the dusty path... definitely, peace is the right word in here.